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" We at GxPconsult Ltd. understand the regulatory environment your European Operations are faced with."

GxPconsult – the GxP Specialists

GxP stands for the set of quality standards that are the basis of pharmaceutical and clinical research com­pliance, i.e. Good Pharmacovigilance Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Clinical Practice. As such, the term GxP in the company name symbolises the area of our teams combined expertise.

Specialists in GxP Regulatory Compliance

Our clients benefit from a highly experienced team of specialised GxP Management Consultants that under­stand the clients operational environment as well as their compliance needs across the GxP standards.

Our Clients

At GxPconsult we work with Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and other similarly regulated industries. We offer specifically tailored GxP compliance consulting to Academic Clinical Research Institutions.

We look forward to discussing your Project

At GxPconsult we are committed to provide high quality consulting solutions on time and within budget. GxPconsult offers, if possible, to work on a fixed-price basis. This will allow you to know your budget exactly prior to project start.

If you think we might be able to assist you, please email us at iagxpc or contact us.


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